Groundwater modelling

Risk assessments of plant protection products leaching to groundwater benefit greatly from having a groundwater-depth tool. It enables each farmer to see whether his/her fields are in vulnerable zones for the leaching of applied plant protection products to groundwater.

The Cropsys® team has developed a web tool for mapping vulnerable areas for the use of plant protection products. The tool combines the depth to groundwater (Flanders) and the depth to karstic layers (Wallonia) in one map for Belgium. The web tool can be consulted by farmers to screen their fields. In vulnerable areas the use of plant protection products is discouraged because of the presence of shallow groundwater or shallow karstic rocks. The webtool uses scalable GDI and OpenStreetMap functionalities and a browser to locate fields based on the farmer's address.

The VITO Cropsys team has developed an interactive map for BASF where users can find out where the use of Basagran SG is allowed in Belgium (Basagran SG cannot be used if the depth to the groundwater or karstic layers is less than 1m). This interactive map (in Dutch and French) is publically available on the BASF website.

Click here or on the image below for the webtool.

Map indicating where Basagran SG can be used based on depth to groundwater and depth to karstic layers.