The Cropsys® team helped to develop the PERSAM (Persistance in Soil Analytical Model) tool for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to predict environmental concentrations of plant protection products in soils, in accordance with the guidelines from the experts of the EFSA Pesticide Panel.

The methodology for risk assessments for persistence in soils has been developed both for concentrations in the total soil and in soil pore water for 1, 5 and 20 cm soil depths. The goal of the exposure assessment of soil organisms to plant protection products is to indicate the 90th percentile of the exposure concentration in the intended area of use in each of the three regulatory geographical zones (North, Centre, South). A tiered approach for Predicted Environmental Concentrations (PECs) is proposed where all tiers aim to assess the same exposure assessment goal. The tool is able to calculate (i) TIER-1 PECs, (ii) TIER-2B 95th-percentile PECs, (iii) TIER-2C 95th-percentile PECs (using output from TIER-2A simulations for the soil load including wash-off), and (iv) select the grid cell including the scenario properties corresponding to the 95th-percentile PEC for the scenario development of TIER-B. 

The PERSAM tool belongs to EFSA and is hosted by the JRC as part of the EFSA/JRC co-operation. 

Click here to download the PERSAM tool.