The WaterProtect tool is a web tool for geospatial analysis of plant protection products in groundwater and surface water. The tool visualizes in one integrated view  time series concentrations of plant protection products that are monitored in surface water and groundwater for a region or for a country. 

The Cropsys® team has developed the WaterProtect Belgium tool for a task force of the Plant Protection Industry merging the monitoring data from the two regional environmental authorities (VMM and DGARNE) into a uniform database.

The tool is able to give an evaluation of the measured concentrations in comparison to user-defined environmental quality standards, to extract statistics and to generate trend analyses.

There are also functionalities to help with the interpretation of measured concentrations. For each surface water monitoring point, maps of the upstream catchment boundary and the yearly agricultural land-use at the parcel level can be viewed.

The tool also generates pdf-reports for a country, a region or a specific location, including statistics and graphs of the monitoring data, trend analysis, land-use coverage and water quality exceedances. The webtool provides restricted monitoring data access to the substance registration holder via a private login.

Are you interested in a free demo of the WaterProtect Belgium tool? Contact us for a login and  click here or on the image below for starting the demo of WaterProtect Belgium. If you want more information on having full access to the WaterProtect Belgium tool we can put you in contact with the task force.