VITO is the largest research organisation in Belgium in the fields of the Environment, Energy, and Materials, comprising of more than 750 high-qualified employees who work on international projects all around the world.

VITO provides innovative and high-quality cleantech solutions, enabling industry to gain a competitive advantage, and fulfull their sustainable goals.VITO combines profound knowledge with a multi-disciplinary approach. Collaboration among different research fields often leads to unique solutions that would otherwise never become visible from a one-sided approach. VITO works on a project- and customer-driven basis. Joint project planning, regular monitoring and interim adjustment result in ready-made answers to problems posed. Development and implementation times are substantially shortened thanks to VITO’s technological knowledge and experience.

Cropsys team

The Cropsys® team consists of professionals with expertise in monitoring, risk assessment, modelling, GIS analysis and software development.The Cropsys® team belongs to the Water Management and Technology group (WMT), which is part of the Environmental Modelling Unit at VITO. One of the core areas of expertise of this group includes modelling the dynamic fate of nutrients and plant protection products in the soil and groundwater systems at different scales. The WMT group has a long track record in modelling and monitoring water systems and has established close contacts with users in the water sector who have interest in the development of these services. The Cropsys® team supports the sustainable use of plant protection products by offering tools and advice for mitigating the impact of plant protection products on the environment.